Freerunner's Future

Steve Mosher steve at
Tue Jun 16 18:42:49 CEST 2009

Tully have some very good ideas on how to change the 02 case and get rid 
of some annoyances--
bring the screen flush with the surface, reduce the parts count. And I 
had a camera solution that
looked promising. Write me if you decide to go down this path and I'll 
explain our ideas

Fabian Schölzel wrote:
> Werner Almesberger wrote:
>> But I think a case-making project that follows the same approach as
>> gta02-core, namely reconstructing and prototyping the existing
>> design with Free tools (and making some small changes) could be
>> rather useful for establishing the know-how that can later be used
>> for more ambitious work.
> I'm not an engineer, but a draftsman, so I could also help with the mechanical 
> design and modeling of the case and other things related to the project. I 
> will take a look at the mentioned CAD-Tools.
> Fabian Schölzel
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