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Warren Baird wjbaird at
Wed Jun 17 00:44:22 CEST 2009

Woot - I'm trying the opkg update ; opkg upgrade approach now.  I look
forward to the improvements a lot.

One question - is the 'bind-home' approach documented somewhere?   Both
google and searching on the wiki haven't helped me find info on how to set
this up.   I've actually got om2009 on my sd-card right now, so it isn't
something I need right away - but I think I'm getting confident enough in
OM2009 that I'll soon ditch the QtE install I've been keeping for
'emergencies' on the built-in flash.


On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Angus Ainslie <nytowl at> wrote:

> Hi All,
> There have been some major show stoppers fixed in the last week. As
> usual there are additional instructions here.
> There is also a new page for community involvement. Many of these wishlist
> items need someone to implement them. If you are interested in in owning
> one
> of the wishlist items come and join #paroli or send me an email
> Careful attention was paid to package versioning so opkg update opkg
> upgrade
> *might* work. You must also do "rm -r /home/root/.e".
> If you want to preserve your settings with flashing the full image use the
> bind-home method.
> New features
> Settings available from the main screen
> Improved call handling - should limit races in oeventsd
> Better list handling
> More consistent interface
> New paroli-serenity theme, This is for the most part a copy of Joel
> Newkirk's
> serenity theme
> Static MAC addresses for usb devices
> Ability to cut 30 seconds off boot time
>        - DO NOT use this if you use bind-home
>        - install udev-static-devices to get this speed boost
> Keyboard goes away after use
> Updated /etc/network/interfaces to give usb0 a metric
> Known issues
> If you use bind-home make sure it is on a journaling filesystem such as ext
> 3
> Before install this release  backup your contacts in ~/.paroli/ as there
> have
>        been some reports of contacts being deleted. One bug relating to
> missing
>        contacts has been fixed but there's a chance that there is another
> one. Also
>        make sure your home directory is on a journaling filesystem
> Some oeventsd rules are ignored  ( framework oeventsd problems )
>        - don't suspend while plugged in
>        - work around unplug usb until LED goes out, then plug usb in ( need
> to keep
>        the device awake by touching the screen until the LED comes back on)
> connman doesn't give a default route to wifi if usb0 already is the default
>        route
>        -work around either "ifdown usb0" from a terminal or
>        "route del default gw"
> Bugs fixed
> after editing contacts - some contacts erased
> no suspend after phone call FSO 435
> Parts of frameworkd stop working FSO 416
> improper battery level in illume
> Keyboard collapses after use
> Angus
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