Om2009 testing release 5

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Wed Jun 17 12:27:56 CEST 2009


Its nice to read all this positive comments so far!

Almost all question was answered by Risto. I just want to give a small summary.

# Landscape vs. portrai mode

It is not a high priority (for me at least) for now. Simply because until now,
I couldnt rotate the screen of my phone, and couldnt test it.
We are concentrating to bugfix only, and after the stable release is out,
we will focus cleaning up all the gui code, and fix most of the placing issue.

For example there is a slight offset between fullscreen and windowed mode,
we cant just hide the topbar, etc, etc. And when rotating, all this
placing issues
just show up all at once. So its rather a big job, as I see.

# Battery showing 33% when full.

Its a problem what shr is suffering too. The main issue, that three battery are
reported, and the batt app, averaging them.

It should be fixed already, but nytowl can give you the exact details.

# Scrolling

Most of the apps, are designed against the accidental clicks when scrolling.
Like for example the call-log app, when you click it will slide left
for you, instead
calling the contact directly.

However, the settings app differ from the other apps, and it register an
additional click each time you finish scrolling. I looked into this issue, and
its hard to solve, as I need to understand the py code, because it differs from
other list too much. Dont know if Im able to solve it by myself in a
reasonable time.

Every other apps should be fine. (call-log, people, sms, dialer)

> 4. I don't see a way to reject an incoming call.
You can only mute them. Yepp, its missing. But before, if you didnt
accepted the call, fso silently failed, so it was encouraged, that
everybody should pick up the phone ;-P

I agree, it needs to be fixed. But you can use the mute for now.

# General remark

Guys, did you restart your phones at least twice after reflashing?


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