Om2009 testing release 5

matthias matthiasfelsche at
Wed Jun 17 21:08:46 CEST 2009

The same for me:
flashed the current images yesterday in the evening. kernel, rootfs and qi.
main problems:
- I could not switch off auto-suspend.
- after pressing the power-button to resume all I get is a wsod :(
So the phone was just usable one minute after a too long boot-period and
then a brick.

A question:
How reliable is wifi-networking and gprs? any experiences?

Carry on that way, it's always good to see, something is developing
around here! :)


MicVM schrieb:
> I flashed Om2009 r5 as well an can confirm most of the described problems.
> In addition I have the problem that switching of suspend from paroli (i
> assume this is done by setting suspend time to -1), as well as in illume
> does not have any effect. The same when i set up no dimming in the illume
> power settings. I dont remember exactly if this was working in r4 but I
> think it was.
> Besides that you have done a great work so far! Thanks guys!

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