Is a FreeRunner sufficient for me?

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the only thing you may want to be aware of is the battery life. which is in
the best sense... not so great

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 4:42 PM, jeremy jozwik <jerjoz.forums at>wrote:

> all of those applications exist. some of those features have multiple
> applications to choose from. the only thing i am not sure about yet is sync
> of a calendar to a desktop system.
> On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 4:38 PM, Brolin Empey <brolin at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I need a GSM cell phone to replace my Palm Z22 PDA.  I use Speak Out
>> Wireless (prepaid) in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.  I do
>> not have a data plan.  I am wondering whether a FreeRunner will work well
>> for me.  I am currently using a Nokia 6103b.
>> I need all of these features:
>> * a *reliable* phone for SMS and brief voice calls.  The FreeRunner would
>> be my primary phone, not only a toy.
>> * tasks/todo lists (including tasks with and without alarms, recurring and
>> non-recurring tasks, tasks with and without due dates, tasks with and
>> without attached notes)
>> * I need a calender to choose dates like on Palm OS.  I do not want a date
>> chooser like on my Nokia 6103b.
>> * calendar (I enter all of my appointments, work holidays, and other dates
>> I want to remember, then the Agenda/overview screen of the Calendar/Datebook
>> (?) Palm OS application shows upcoming events in the next 2 weeks or so.  I
>> want something similar on a phone.  I need support for recurring events and
>> events on a certain day but with no time.)
>> * textual notes (so I don’t have to keep track of lots of paper notes),
>> * a calculator with features comparable to the Palm OS application
>> EasyCalc
>> * enough storage for SMS messages so I never have to delete old SMS
>> messages.  I never have to delete old e-mail, so why should I have to delete
>> old SMS messages?  I have to keep deleting old SMS messages on my Nokia
>> 6103b because it does not have enough storage.
>> Not required but would be nice:
>> * a drawing/painting application
>> Will a FreeRunner work well for me?
>> Thanks,
>> Brolin
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