Is a FreeRunner sufficient for me?

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Thu Jun 18 02:41:51 CEST 2009

> * a *reliable* phone for SMS and brief voice calls.  The FreeRunner would
> be my primary phone, not only a toy.
i dont do much sms, but ive never heard of a missed sms from my contacts

* tasks/todo lists (including tasks with and without alarms, recurring and
> non-recurring tasks, tasks with and without due dates, tasks with and
> without attached notes)
or pimlico tasks

* I need a calender to choose dates like on Palm OS.  I do not want a date
> chooser like on my Nokia 6103b.
> * calendar (I enter all of my appointments, work holidays, and other dates
> I want to remember, then the Agenda/overview screen of the Calendar/Datebook
> (?) Palm OS application shows upcoming events in the next 2 weeks or so.  I
> want something similar on a phone.  I need support for recurring events and
> events on a certain day but with no time.)
gpe-calandar [just switched. looks
good to me thus far]
pimlico dates

> * textual notes (so I don’t have to keep track of lots of paper notes),
leafpad works great for me
you could also try gpe-sketchbook for freehand notes

* a calculator with features comparable to the Palm OS application EasyCalc
there is a maddening scientific calculator, never tried it
but SHR-testing/unstable[?] comes with pCalc that works great and even
supports a*(b-c) equations

* enough storage for SMS messages so I never have to delete old SMS
> messages.  I never have to delete old e-mail, so why should I have to delete
> old SMS messages?  I have to keep deleting old SMS messages on my Nokia
> 6103b because it does not have enough storage.
mini sd cards can be gigantic. not sure if there is anyway to have sms get
stored there or not

* a drawing/painting application
see gpe-sketchbook. i think someone else is working on an alternative app
for sketching as well.
there is also numptyphysics
which is sorta like drawing/painting and is madly addictive

1. Are there applications with all of the specific features I listed,
> though?  My Nokia 6103b has some basic organiser applications, such as for
> calender and task lists, but it does not have all of the features I listed.

think of it as a computer, not a phone. there are or are soon going to be
apps for whatever it is you desire.

I can live without PC sync as long as my information is safe in my
> FreeRunner (stored in non-volatile memory in case the battery dies).  I do
> not even have my Nokia 6103b synced with my PC because I cannot get Nokia PC
> Suite to connect to my phone via Bluetooth.  I have to use Bluetooth because
> I do not have a data cable for my phone.  I could buy a cable, but I am not
> very motiviated to do so because I do not need PC sync.

i think everything[?] is still around if the bat dies.

2. Is the FreeRunner’s display readable without a backlight?  My Nokia
> 6103b’s display has a backlight, but the backlight turns off after a few
> seconds of inactivity.  However, this is OK because I can still read the
> display without the backlight.  However, I have seen some cell phones, such
> as my dad’s Samsung, where both the display and backlight turn off after a
> few seconds of inactivity.  This is not very usable for me, especially since
> I am a relatively slow reader to start with.

this is a good question. as of right now the answer is no, but on my recent
trip i noticed that slightly angled away from direct sunlight i could read
my screen without the backlight being on. theres has got to be something
that could be done from that idea.

3. I leave my Nokia 6103b on for about 16 hours or less per day.  I do not
> use it for most of that time.  When I do use it, it is usually for SMS or
> organiser applications, not for voice calls.  Will the FreeRunner’s battery
> life be OK for my usage?

if you poweroff WIFI and GPS you might get 6-8 hours depending on screen
brightness. there are also suspend functions which expand battery life. i
cant say how much because im on an older OS version and my suspend is
non-functional :)

basically with my computer usb cable at work and my car charger i have
battery all day
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