Is a FreeRunner sufficient for me?

David Murrell dmurrell at
Thu Jun 18 05:59:01 CEST 2009

Hi Brolin, 

Fundamentally, at this point, my Openmoko Freerunner fails the Not
Interested in Technology - Significant Other Acceptance Procedure,
otherwise known NIT-SOAP. 

If you want a phone that is going to Just Work, get a Nokia. 

If you want a Linux smart phone to hack about on, an Openmoko Freerunner
fits the bill quite nicely, except for the animation speed on the
screen, which is markedly slow. 

I should probably be specific here - the phone is almost certainly going
to need flashing when you get it, and that's going to require a command
You're probably going to want to change something to get something
working, and that's going to require running ssh to connect to the phone
on the command line, and changing something, somewhere. 

The flip side of this is that you can change what ever you like in
hardware or software with the phone (with exceptions for a couple of
firmware blobs in the GSM modem and wifi chipset), and some people find
this quite liberating. 

Hope this helps,

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