Is a FreeRunner sufficient for me?

Brolin Empey brolin at
Thu Jun 18 12:04:32 CEST 2009

2009/6/17 David Murrell <dmurrell at>

> Hi Brolin,
> Fundamentally, at this point, my Openmoko Freerunner fails the Not
> Interested in Technology - Significant Other Acceptance Procedure,
> otherwise known NIT-SOAP.

That is not a problem for me because I am single. :)

> If you want a phone that is going to Just Work, get a Nokia.

I already have a Nokia, but it lacks many of the features I used on my Palm
Z22.  My Nokia is Series 40, though, not Series 60.  I have never used
Series 60.  I asked Nokia whether they have a GSM phone with all of the
specific features I listed in my original post.  They said they do not, but
they did not mention which features they lack.

> If you want a Linux smart phone to hack about on, an Openmoko Freerunner
> fits the bill quite nicely, except for the animation speed on the
> screen, which is markedly slow.
> I should probably be specific here - the phone is almost certainly going
> to need flashing when you get it, and that's going to require a command
> line.
> You're probably going to want to change something to get something
> working, and that's going to require running ssh to connect to the phone
> on the command line, and changing something, somewhere.

That is also not a problem:  I work as a Webmaster and Linux + Windows
sysadmin for Techsol, which is an embedded computer hardware company that
specialises in Linux on ARM technology.  Our SA2410 Medallion CPU Module
uses the Samsung S3C2410AL.  See <>.  This site
has multiple usability issues, though.  I am almost done the redesign, which
is more focused on products and features only 1 product per page.

Anyway, I have experience with flashing firmware and using the CLI via SSH.
For example, I installed and configured DD-WRT on a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 a
few months ago.  I use the CLI on Debian Linux or Ubuntu almost every day.
I use gvim to edit the XML source for Techsol’s Web sites.  I love Vim
because I can do everything with only the keyboard.
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