New case (was Re: Freerunner's Future)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jun 19 02:18:42 CEST 2009

[ Let's give threads that change direction a clearer name than just
  "Freerunner's Future" ]

Fabian Sch?lzel wrote:
> I'm not an engineer, but a draftsman, so I could also help with the
> mechanical design and modeling of the case and other things related
> to the project.

Great ! I think "redoing" the GTA02 case should be a project on its
own, independent from gta02-core or such.

There are no technical dependencies anyway - gta02-core will fit
into any GTA02 case and a new GTA02 case can host any GTA02 board.

Two considerations:

I think just making a case equivalent to the existing one would be
an interesting enough task on its own, without adding any changes
that aren't motivated by feasibility (machinability, etc.) alone.

Ideally, someone who's already experienced the whole process from
design to prototype production getting done would take care of
coordinating that project.

- Werner

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