using North American Freerunner in Paris?

Matt Luzum mluzum at
Fri Jun 19 19:39:12 CEST 2009

I have a North American version of the Freerunner (850/1800/1900MHz), 
but I'm going to be moving to Paris for 2 years starting in the Fall.

Does anyone know anything about whether it will work there?  Is the 
1800MHz coverage any good, or is there only 900MHz in a lot of places? 
It will be most important in and around Paris, but if you have info 
about the rest of France and Europe, please share that as well, since 
I'll want to do at least some traveling while I have the chance.

Also, since I'm spamming the list anyway, if anyone has any other useful 
information it would be much appreciated (Do all providers provide gprs? 
Is it better to sign a contract or pay as you go? Is there anything I 
need to know about French cell phone providers? or France in general? 
etc.).  As you can probably tell I'm from the U.S., and I'm just 
starting to learn French, so it's a little difficult for me to get a lot 
of good information.

I apologize if this is not an appropriate use of the mailing list, but I 
  haven't been able to find any information specifically about the 
900MHz vs. 1800MHz in France and I figured if anyone knows it will be 
people on this list.

Thanks in advance

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