[OM2009] airplane mode

Vincent MEURISSE openmoko-community at meurisse.org
Fri Jun 19 23:40:45 CEST 2009

On Friday 19 June 2009 23:26:57 jeremy jozwik wrote:
> i tried on several occasions to get it to work. even with a lock in the
> terminal, after sitting in the plane waiting to taxi i loose the signal
I tried once and got a fix :P IIRC it was with OM2008.12 in a B737 (Between 
Stockholm and Paris).
With the neo stuck to the windows, it took 15 minutes to get a fix :)

But since normal fix raise from more than 2 minutes in an ideal place to less 
than 30s inside my room, you could expect better result now.

(last time I took a plane, my phone was in buzz fix so I didn't retry)


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