[OM2009] airplane mode

Sven Klomp sven at klomp.de
Sat Jun 20 07:44:30 CEST 2009


On Saturday June 20 2009 00:35:24 Petr Vanek wrote:
> - in terminals, the glass has metal coating so no fix
And I wasted an one hour transit delay by sitting next to the window waiting for a fix...,

> - during the flight, the blinds get usually shut, but you can stuck
>   your fr right behind it (with a bit of force :)
Worked for me (http://www.klomp.eu/gps.jpg) :-)

> - FSO has a bug in reporting the speed - you will notice in speed
>   above 200km - check between shr settings and tango
I didn't checked this.

> - FSO is quite unable to get a fix while in 10000m altitude and (or)
>   high speed. it sees the satelites, get's a fix and then for some
>   reason something happens and no satelite is being seen anymore. this
>   will repeat fo as long as you leave it.
I tried with the latest SHR unstable (about 5 weeks ago) and didn't had this problem. Maybe it is fixed?


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