Is a FreeRunner sufficient for me?

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>> The one thing that jumps out at me in your request, Brolin, is keeping
>> your SMS messages on the microSD card instead of the SIM.  I know that
>> the SHR distribution, which I'm using, stores everything on the SIM by
>> default.  Perhaps David Ford's improved SMS app will do what you want?
>>  Alternatively, if you are happy with simply archiving your SMS to a
>> text file, David Ford sent out a one line script to do so about a
>> month ago.  (I can dig it up if you need.)
> >>I thought the SMS messages were stored on the phone instead of the SIM.
> My dad gave me the Nokia 6103b I am currently using after he upgraded to a
> newer Samsung phone.  The Nokia 6103b >>still contained my dad’s SMS
> messages even though I was using the phone with my SIM.  Maybe some phones
> store the SMS messages on the phone while others store them on the SIM?
>> > 2009/6/17 David Murrell <dmurrell at>
>> >>    Fundamentally, at this point, my Openmoko Freerunner fails the Not
>> >>    Interested in Technology - Significant Other Acceptance Procedure,
>> >>    otherwise known NIT-SOAP.
>> > That is not a problem for me because I am single. :)
>> P.S. You may not be single for long.  One little known feature of the
>> Freerunner is that it is an Ultra-Powerful Magnet for Attractive
>> People.  They will sidle up to you and exclaim, "OMG!  Is that a
>> Debian box in your pocket?!"  ;-)
> >>“Is that some fscking hardware in your pants, or are you just happy to
> see me?!”
> >>“Can you (touch|finger|mount|grep|unzip|fsck) me with that hardware in
> your pants?” :D
> >>I wish. :P
> Can't comment to much on phone functionality, but my experience with it was
> really starting to get good with om2009 and when I was using SHR it seemed
> to be good and a lot of updates have happened since I last used SHR. With
> regards to contacts being stored I don't think any distributions store
> information on the mSD yet.(Please feel free to correct me if i;m wrong).

As regards to the phone's ability to pick up women, it is a unique phone
that fairly few people have and has sparked a few conversations with
females. Phones are starting to become a fashion statement and in my opinion
Iphone=abercrombie and fitch, Freerunner=some unique item you got from the
fashion district in Milan.

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