[OM2009] airplane mode

Peter Nijs peter at familienijs.be
Sat Jun 20 16:07:52 CEST 2009

On Saturday 20 June 2009 16:00:10 Al Johnson wrote:
> On Friday 19 June 2009, Petr Vanek wrote:
> > - FSO has a bug in reporting the speed - you will notice in speed
> >   above 200km - check between shr settings and tango
> > - FSO is quite unable to get a fix while in 10000m altitude and (or)
> >   high speed. it sees the satelites, get's a fix and then for some
> >   reason something happens and no satelite is being seen anymore. this
> >   will repeat fo as long as you leave it.
> The GPS has several modes optimised for different use cases. The default
> one is suitable for ground-based vehicles, and sanity checks its output
> including speed and altitude. In a plane you are at insane speed and
> altitude for a ground vehicle ;-) I don't think ogpsd has an option to
> change this, so a feature request may be in order.

Do you know what it would do with speeds of 300 km/h and altitudes of 2000 m 
in Belgium? I would like to be able to trust the gps logs of such events.

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