[shr-testing] turning illume keyboard off causes illume to fail with ffalarms

Łukasz Pankowski lukpank at o2.pl
Sun Jun 21 10:25:46 CEST 2009

jeremy jozwik <jerjoz.forums at gmail.com> writes:

> nice interesting error creeping on me this morning, after installing literki i figured i would switch the keyboard to none in elementary. works great for the adding new contact, the one place
> where the default keyboard would auto show. i could now use literki without the interface changing. trouble is when i go to ffalarms led clock mode i get the white screen of death endlessly. and
> with no interface to close out ffalarms the only solution is a battery take out.
> anyone got some ideas for me to stop this from happening?

Yes if I start Literki and select keyboard None (for Default keyboard it
works with no problem) I got Enlightenment Error (SEGV).  For coming
soon vala/elementary reimplementation of ffalarms Enlightenment
segfaults only once (Elementary does try to reenter fullscreen after new
Enlightenment appears), so it will be improvement :).

for ffalarms you can comment out fullscreen in
as in this patch:

--- ffalarms.py-orig	2009-06-21 10:17:43.000000000 +0200
+++ ffalarms.py	2009-06-21 10:17:44.000000000 +0200
@@ -384,13 +384,13 @@
         self.signal_emit(("12hr-format", "24hr-format")[bool(h24)], "")
         self.signal_emit("start", "")
-        self.stack.ee.fullscreen = True
+#        self.stack.ee.fullscreen = True
         self.focus = True
     def stop(self, edc, signal, source):
         self.focus = False
         self.signal_emit("stop", "");
-        self.stack.ee.fullscreen = False
+#        self.stack.ee.fullscreen = False
         if self.brightness is not None:

> - jeremy

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