Update "Who is who" on wiki

Fabian Killus fabian at ji-xiansheng.de
Sun Jun 21 17:50:14 CEST 2009

I recall that ages ago many people on this list were complaining that
Openmoko wasn't as open as they had promised. They felt not informed
about what was going on behind the curtain of core development. When
everything is turned over to the community now, it is our chance to do

As proposed before on this list it would be a good idea to update the
information at http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Who_is_Who. While I am
afraid to touch this page directly, here is what I would have so far:

- Nelson Castillo
- Luca Capello
- ?

FSO (freesmartphone.org):
- Michael Lauer (Mickey)
- Jan Luebbe (Shoragan)
- Daniel Willmann (Alphaone)
- Stefan Schmidt 

- Angus Lee
- ?

- Mirko Lidner

- ?

Xorg glamo:
- Thomas White

Please help completing this list.

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