Why one cannot recommend the freerunner as a daily phone (was Re: Is a FreeRunner sufficient for me?)

mobi phil mobi at mobiphil.com
Mon Jun 22 17:57:24 CEST 2009

I wrote some similar entries on my blog (http://mobiphil.com), unfortunately
I share those observations/opinions. Maybe I am inpatient, but I am not
happy to spend time from my life to wait for a phone having done some
trivial functions. I think carrying Xwindows is the biggest mistake. I
personally encourage QT or new start with gtk on top of www.directfb.org/, so
that gtk based interfaces can be reused... By the way did anybody consider
gtk with directfb as direction? Or I am wrong and the bottleneck is not
really Xwindows?

About the phone's price: you may find for equivalent of 200 euros the
glofiish eten m800, and there is a port of openmoko kernel etc (*gnufiish*.org/
) The eten m800 has a decent keyboard, and this weekend I booted a debian
distro. Honestly screen and filesystem on the sd card seem to be a bit
faster... If I have time I will do some I/O measurement.

Well my plan is to have a vim phone top of directfb console with a
keyboard... that will do all the trick... you can have then very fast phone
book, todo list etc. ... al in one file :) .. is anybody interested in this
particular approach ? :) (it is not a joke, but myself I am smiling about
the idea..)


On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 8:35 AM, Ben Wong <lists.openmoko.org at wongs.net>wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 1:38 PM, Joerg Lippmann<jl_lists at donalbain.de>
> wrote:
> >> > Then the Freerunner is not for you.
> >> > It may sound harsh, but it's definitely *not* suitable for daily use.
> >> > Period.
> >>
> >> I must respectfully disagree with Joerg's advice to you.  [...]
> > OK, maybe I should explain. My mail should not be taken as FUD.
> I hope I didn't give the impression that I thought Joerg's message was
> FUD.  I think calling "FUD" can too often be an ad hominem attack.
> Although I disagree with some of Joerg's statements, it's clear that
> he's trying to help and is being honest about the Freerunner's value
> to him, personally.
> I want to thank Joerg for taking the time to give a clear list of
> reasons why a person might consider the Freerunner unsuitable as a
> phone.  I think it'd be helpful if these and other points were put on
> the wiki so that potential buyers can see the arguments against the
> Freerunner, and what the community response is.  (E.g., Solved?
> Kludged?  In progress?  Unfixable?)
> --Ben
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