Freedom Redfined.

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Mon Jun 22 20:40:10 CEST 2009

Wow !!!

I'm very curious to listen more.

I wish you a bright future for you and your new company.


On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 8:25 PM, Steve Mosher <steve at> wrote:

> Community,
>   As many of you know may 25th was my last official day at Openmoko.
> Since that time I have been focused on two
> things: First, putting my Openmoko business in order. There were several
> tasks that got cut off midstream by the layoff
> and I felt I owed it to the community to see those jobs through to some
> sort of conclusion. Having relied on volunteer work
> from the community for so long, it only seemed right that I contribute.
> I wanted to see the buzz fix program successfully
> implemented both in the EU and in North America. With help from Dr.
> Schaller, SDG, and Sean I was able to get that
> done. Next on my list was the GTA02 core project. When we canceled the
> GTA03 Werner and others started a community
> effort to do a phone design that was completely community driven. That's
> no small task, but it keeps the dream alive so
> I will continue to support it. On that front, we have met with some
> success. Building Open Source hardware requires money
> at some stage, money to buy parts and money to build prototypes.
> Openmoko has graciously agreed to donate some components
> to the project and I've put Werner in contact with people who can help
> with the prototype runs. It's still early and there is a
> lot of work to do, so pitch in if you can. I also wanted to see the
> foundation work kicked off.  And lastly I tried to find some of my
> Openmoko friends employment which brings me to the second major thing I
> have been working on: Starting a new company.
>       Wolfgang has alluded to this in a previous post and now is a good
> time to let you
> all know what we have been up to since late May. In the coming days as
> we get the web page together and lists set up
> I'll make some announcements and blog about the company and its
> mission.  The key elements are 1. Using existing hardware rather than
> designing new hardware. 2. Focusing the software effort below the user
> levels,  3. targeting the linux developer community.  The most important
> thing from our perspective is that there is no conflict with OM.
> Wolfgang and I met with Sean on Saturday and explained our plan. OM will
> focus on Project B so there won't be any conflict. We also agreed that
> in the future the two companies will be able to find ways to work
> together with OM perhaps picking up some of our products and applying
> their focus-- Industrial design and user interface.
>     I'll be back to announce the name of the company in the coming week
> or so as we build out the web page. You can write me
> here or at my personal gmail account. (moshersteven@)
> Best Regards All,
>   Steve.
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