Why one cannot recommend the freerunner as a daily phone (was Re: Is a FreeRunner sufficient for me?)

David Ford david at blue-labs.org
Tue Jun 23 06:42:39 CEST 2009

except for ophonekitd being crashy currently, nearly everything else 
works decently for me.  it's stable enough for me to be developing my 
SMS app for it.  honestly, i only do these fixes for issues about once 
every two to three weeks.  there are bugs that others encounter that 
i've never seen and there are bugs that i have encountered or deal with, 
that others never see, or they don't impact them. (current shr-unstable)

so, at the moment, it's working pretty good and i'm not spending any 
time fixing anything that -i- didn't break :)


On 06/22/09 22:42, Damian Spriggs wrote:
> Sure, it's a developer phone, and is marketed as such, but what they
> don't tell you is what kind of developer. When I got mine 6 months
> ago, I took that to mean applications, not "everything about this
> needs massive help".
> I think one of the pitfalls for OM was trying to put everything out at
> once, instead of systematically selecting and stabilizing a kernel,
> then get the underlying system working, and finally get the UI and
> useable applications.  Now I haven't tried all the distros out there,
> but from the chatter I read on the maillists, it seems that each are
> shooting for that moving target in continuing the "all at once"
> approach, and predictably coming up short.
> Don't get me wrong, I love my Freerunner, and it's my daily/only phone
> (Hackable:1and SHR). I just wish I could spend more time working on
> applications than messing around with little fixes, rebooting, and
> waiting for something reasonably stable to develop for. :)

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