Om2009 testing release 5

pike pike-openmoko at
Wed Jun 24 13:43:15 CEST 2009


is it me or is xrandr or xglamo
a bit confused ?

I do
 >export DISPLAY=:0
 >xrandr -q
 > 480x640        50.0*
 > 640x480        25.0
 > 240x320        50.0
 > 320x240        50.0

but it doesnt actually seem to support
all that on my neo.

 >xrandr -o left
that works (and selects the second option)

 >xrandr -s 320x240

gives a weird screen with two
vertical pages on a horizontal screen,
with a slight offset, mosaic.

starting from scratch, the
 >xrandr -s 320x240
turns the screen all white/yellowish
and unreadable.

after switching a few times, x crashes.
restarting xserver-nodm twice repairs it.

what am i doing wrong ?


PS - I installed opendoom - it has the same
problem, its trying to rotate the screen
into 320x240, but the screen goes yellow
most of the time.. which is why I was
trying to look into this.

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