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Wed Jun 24 18:21:39 CEST 2009

Michal Brzozowski wrote:
> Now I have Serenity again, the illume keyboard is turned off again
> (yay), the battery app shows the state wrong (!)

Ive not tried with paroli, but when I compile e17 from svn and I upgrade
the version I've in my Om2008 partition I've to go in Illume-settings ->
Advanced -> Battery Meter -> Advanced -> Hardware -> Internal.
Then it counts correctly.

> I don't understand anything from this, why is Paroli duplicating the
> options from illume-settings?

Well, imho having everything in a settings manager could be useful.

> And a more general question, is Paroli trying to be more than a phone
> app? Is it going to replace illume?

According to the FAQ it isn't.
By the way in my opinion Paroli should allow to be run in two ways:
using its own launcher as an all-in-one/fullscreen application, and
using illume as launcher; In fact the paroli apps can be also launched
using a simple dbus call, but actually they seem to work only if the
launcher is still opened (while launching them with the main Launcher in
background causes Paroli to crash).

However it would be important to keep the dialer/log/contacts/messages
and other main paroli applications always in background to make them
popping-up quckly.

I think that this would be the best way to use the nice paroli telephony
related applications with an illume-based distro.

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