SHR annoyances (+ a few workarounds)

Jon Levell openmoko at
Wed Jun 24 22:25:47 CEST 2009


I'm using SHR-Unstable as my daily phone, it works but there are
some things that bug me, mostly  I can live with or work around them.
It occurs to me other people might have better work arounds so I
thought I'd post my current list and see what happens:

It seems reliable with the WPA2 networks I use it with but I can't
seem to turn it off in SHR-settings and once I've connected to a network 
I  can't reconnect to any network without rebooting. (I
know there's work going on in the kernel relating to this).
Workaround: After I've finished using wifi, I always reboot the
phone so that next time I want to connect, it works

Aside from the superuser-warning banner (which will be gone in
the next release), the keyboard shortcuts (e.g. F11 for
full screen) aren't available in Literki. There's a config
file for accelerator keys (~/.config/midori/accels) but it seems
to get overwritten every time it loads
Workaround: Live without those keys (Hmm... I ought to try write
protecting the file)

The version in the repositories seems to just record crackling
if I try and record my voice - this used to work.

Watching videos
I'd like to watch videos on my FR. I've encoded it using the command
listed in the video playback section of:
But with mplayer-video the sound and pictures become out of sync.
I've not tested it with intone-video from as there's a clash
with the updated versions of the elementary libraries

I've altered my default ringtones to 8bit mono so they are quicker to 
load and to stop.

Vagalume in the repo/image
It crashes
Workaround: Use the one from

Hum in landscape
When the phone is in landscape mode (really useful when typing with
Literki) there's a quiet but persistent hum.

It pops up to tell me I have an unread message but the messages app
has already popped up to tell me that. (There was a request for
comments on the shr-devel mailing list but I wasn't comfortable
commenting there as I'm not currently developing anything).

In the repos it takes a lot of configuring to:
   * show an icon in Illume
   * Stop its dependencies blocking sound on resume
   * finding the libraries it needs
   * configuring the UI
   * making the speech happen far enough in advance for car use
Workaround: I've foolishly lost my highly tweaked config, when
I've finished reworking it, I'll post it somewhere

The keyboard doesn't show up so you can't type a filename to
save your game unless I'm missing something. (You need to turn
off sound in Scummvm or it crashes before you can start to play).
I guess you need a bluetooth keyboard

Messaging/Contacts app
Sometimes I can't seem to enter text into the textarea that
has focus if I've recently changed focus. It sometimes stops
me typing a number into a new contact
Workaround: I add a contact by typing a number into the dialer
and then saving it.

I think that's all the ones I can think off for now.


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