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Marcel tanuva at
Wed Jun 24 22:58:16 CEST 2009

Am Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009 22:45:54 schrieb mobi phil:
> A forum is probably better place than email lists if the email lists
> tend to cover huge amount of information. Having a forum, you can keep
> o bit more order in the knowledge base that is accumulating in the
> email list. Tags/labels would be probably even more powerful than the
> simple categories in a forum. They would make easier to search in the
> huge amount of discussions/shared information on the email list. By
> encouraging everybody to use in the Subject field, or inside the
> conversation tags/labels, it would be much easier to find information,
> even with search engines.
> I would suggest to extend the [topic] labels to sthg. like
> Subject: [kernel][usb][external gps] etc.
> or separated by ","
> Subject [kernel, usb, external gps]

For such, we would need a list of predefined tags. If everyone chooses 
his/her (do we actually have women [I know about Brenda :)] here?) own 
tags and occasionally has a typo in them, we will get perfect chaos.
Now try to force people to look up a list of tags for possibly fitting 
I think this whole tagging approach is nice from a technical/programmer's 
point of view, but as a user, I do not even want to think about having to 
tag each and every of my >2000 digital photos, not even talking about 
other files. [I'm sliding off topic, don't I? :)]

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