SHR annoyances (+ a few workarounds)

matthias felsche matthiasfelsche at
Thu Jun 25 10:45:49 CEST 2009

> Wifi
> =====
> It seems reliable with the WPA2 networks I use it with but I can't
> seem to turn it off in SHR-settings and once I've connected to a network 
> I  can't reconnect to any network without rebooting. (I
> know there's work going on in the kernel relating to this).
> Workaround: After I've finished using wifi, I always reboot the
> phone so that next time I want to connect, it works
> Dictator
> ========
> The version in the repositories seems to just record crackling
> if I try and record my voice - this used to work.
I just tested both version (shr-unstable and here on a former 
shr-testing. works lika a charm! I  guess it's a change in 
python-pyalsaaudio or a kernel-(module?)-related issue.


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