USB Connection Needs Password

Jeremy McNaughton jeremy.mcnaughton at
Fri Jun 26 09:09:56 CEST 2009

BU_BISON wrote:
> sudo ip addr add dev usb0
> sudo ip link set usb0 up
> sudo ssh root at
> I do this and then it asks me for a password. According to the wiki the
> default password is blank so i don't enter anything and it say "Permission
> Denied, please try again." and prompts me for the password again. I never
> set a password so I have no idea what it could be. Is there anyway that I
> can bypass this or connect my phone to my computer is another way?  


The ssh command is using the wrong IP address.  It should read:

ssh root at

You don't need to use sudo at the beginning of the command.  ssh doesn't
need root privileges. is probably your computer, so the ssh prompt was expecting
your computer's root password.  If you're using a distro like Ubuntu where
there is no root account (or if sshd is configured not to allow root
logins), probably no password would ever work.  The phone's IP is when you use USB networking.

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