posting style preferences was Re: Why one cannot recommend the freerunner as a daily phone (was Re: Is a FreeRunner sufficient for me?)

arne anka openmoko at
Fri Jun 26 11:29:18 CEST 2009

any chance you fight that out somewhere else?
the discussions about the prefered posting style (and no, there's no  
rule!) is as old as the internet -- and both positions still live and kick.

that can only mean one thing:
for both prefs good reasons exist and no party could ever convince the  
other one.

if you, please, would stop to argue on that mostly religuous level and  
look to what you (hopefully) want to achieve?

"do not top post!" is as stupid as "do not bottom post!", and assumptions  
what users do, are always subjective -- if i receive a mail with bottom  
posting, i don  not read the entire mail, but scroll to the part not cited  
(usually marked by different color or missing symbol at line position 0).

simply always cut down the mail to tzhe neccissities, do not stupidly type  
either bottom or top.

the realy annoyance is not top or bottom posting, the real annoyance are  
those stupid mails where simply everything everybody once saidf is  
included -- and even those fighting for "nettiquette" do that very often!

a good rule _would_ be to imagine, that recipients _are_ reading the mails  
on their fr -- it easily reminds you to not live for dogms but for common  

btw: those lengthy mails are annoying not only on the fr but even on my  
netbook with about 600px screen height! and that is use rather often to  
check mails.

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