which gps app can do this?

mqy meng.qingyou at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 17:15:11 CEST 2009

hi lanzo,

I have to say that your problem is interesting, but it's a bit too specific
for a GPS application to do this.
One quick and dirty solution is: 

You write a small application which:
1) calculate a polygon area which contains the allowed range. to do this you
have to use web map or standalone map. The polygon nodes are lat/lon pairs.
2) get GPS fix from fso ogpsd through DBUS API. this is not difficult with
3) periodically (say every five seconds) test if current position goes out
of predefined area. 
   if the test result is true, then warn with sound (aplay command).

To see where you are, you can run a GPS application at the same time.

I'm the writer of omgps, I'm planning to extend omgps to solve this kind of
problem -- 
allow user register his/her python script as plugin, omgps periodically call
each plugin,
passing parameters of current lat/lon/altitude, etc. Periodically can be
defined as: (1) on each fix (2) every N seconds.

Welcome your feed back :)

lanzo wrote:
> Hi!
> I'd like to be using my FR on my little boat as marine GPS. I was curious
> if, in your opinion, it could be possible to constantly show  the distance
> between me and the nearest point on the coast line. This would be
> important because in my country (and i guess everywhere) there are rules
> about the little boats distances from the coast and I cannot overcome 3
> nautical miles.
> I know it should be possible to show the distances between my present
> position and any given point, but what about something always displaying
> the distances between my position and the nearest point on the coast?
> is there maybe any more in-topic forum where i can ask this?
> Thank you very much for any answer!
> bye! :)

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