ffalarms 0.2.3 Vala/libeflvala/Elementary rewrite

Łukasz Pankowski lukpank at o2.pl
Sun Jun 28 23:49:59 CEST 2009

Marcel <tanuva at googlemail.com> writes:

> Eehm. Does opkg call suggestions deps, too?
> (In contrast to recommendations)

It would be strange.

You may try
dpkg -I ffalarms_0.2.3-r0_armv4t.ipk | grep frameworkd
and check whether I am mad.

> Collected errors:
>  * ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for ffalarms:
>          *  frameworkd (= 
> *
> Just want to clear this up, I installed with -force-depends, alarms work 
> now... :)
> Does that package install a default config somewhere? I'm kinda tired of 
> having to go find that somewhere everytime I reflash *g*

ffalarms up to 0.2.2 used to write default config to ~/.ffalarmsrc if
non was found, 0.2.3 uses build-in config if none is found (does not
write anything) which is equivalent to:

player=aplay -q %(file)s


> --
> Marcel

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