[QtMoko] New debian images V3

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Jun 28 21:22:48 CEST 2009

i have updated my QtMoko debian base images [1]. You can find some
general info on homepage [2] and sources in git [3].

Most important changes include:

* upgrade to QT 4.5.2 which should improve speed
* merge from other QtMoko branches with many bug fixes
* added nice new QtMaze game
* fixed problem so that apt-get should work out of the box now

This new version should be stable as daily phone.

You can also download QtMoko images based on FSO. For more info please
see QtMoko homepage [4].

The FSO images seem to be a bit faster. This is one thing that keeps me
puzzled. What could make the speed different? Same binary on different
rootfs should be the same fast. Anyone has idea why FSO is faster?

Anyway enjoy images



[1] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/download/
[2] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/
[3] http://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/tree/master/
[4] http://qtmoko.org/

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