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Mon Jun 29 20:15:17 CEST 2009

I'm with Chris on this one.  I'd like a car cradle.  While I thought
EUR 29 was expensive, I finally decided I wanted it enough to buy it.
Until I saw that it'd cost another EUR 30 to ship it to me!  I'm not
paying $83 for a car cradle.  Even with 19% discount (which I'm
betting only applies to the item, not shipping), it'd be about $76.
That's crazy.

Are there really no distributors selling Freerunner accessories in the
US?  Or any that have reasonable shipping rates (ie rates that don't
double the cost of the accessory)?


On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 6:11 AM, Adam Jimerson<vendion at> wrote:
> On Saturday 27 June 2009 04:44:00 am Christoph Pulster wrote:
>> > I am looking for where I can buy accessories for my FreeRunner in US
>> I stock 17 different accessories for the Freerunner.
>> Based in Germany, but we ship worldwide for 30 EUR flat rate.
>> Customers outside EU Europe get 19% VAT reduction on all shop prices:
>> Chris
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> That would be perfect, but the reason I am trying to avoid shipping from a
> different country because I am recently unemployed and don't really have that
> much I can spend on a case for a phone so unless the 19% VAT reduction is
> enough to make up for that I don't think I should.  Thanks for letting me know
> that you have them in stock though.
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