NABBLE [was: Re: [omgps] collect feature requests]

David Ford david at
Tue Jun 30 02:51:38 CEST 2009

For those of you who post using nabble -- please reconsider.

Nabble posts duplicates.  The below was posted by nabble four times.  
The headers clearly indicate nabble at fault with four different 
originating message IDs.

Additionally, many people report problems with nabble's javascript (no, 
JS isn't evil Doc) in any browser other than firefox.  So please don't 
point people to nabble as a place to follow threads or research a message.


4x posted message:

On 06/29/09 20:29, mqy wrote:
> First, I must appreciate all omgps users, for your test and feed back.
> Because ersion 0.1 gets stable for now, and it will be integrated into
> official openembeded repository, I'm planing start next major developing
> stage. Here is current plan:
> 1. better supports for track logging, nuk ask me to add altitude to track
> log, good point. I can remember complains about the lack of POI, and
> suggestion of voice recording to help post precess of track logging.
> 2. support dynamic layers, including POI, openbmap data, etc. my concerns
> are (1) performance (2) is it possible or necessary to support user defined
> layers as plugins?
> 3. and other big things related to routing.
> Requirement of version 0.2 will be frozen due 07-07, the core task is to
> make it track-friendly for OSM map and JOMS application. Please feel free to
> comment or add new feature requests here.
> regards, mqy

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