[QtMoko] New debian images V3

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Jun 30 16:56:42 CEST 2009

Gennady Kupava wrote:

> Hello, Radek.

Hi Gennady,

> Problems I noticed so far:
> 1. Booting with Qi fails somehow. Last and only thing i see
> [21474549.340000] INFO: RCU detected CPU 0 stall (t=4294909868/2000
> jiffies). NOR uboot is fine, i seen same message but INIT:... after
> that.

Same problem here. Qi can boot only for SD card. I use u-boot in NOR for
booting from NAND.

> 2. I see kernel backtraces near that message:
> (see attachment)
> 3. It hungs for me several times while I was trying to setup network -
> wifi and other types.

Yes, this is known problem. Must be something missing in debian rootfs
or some other small diference, because it should be working on FSO based
rootfs. I use terminal and iwconfig for wifi connections now.

> 4. I can't setup GPRS. Is it a problem with me or with QtMoko? I got qpe
> hung with high cpu load then I am trying to connect. GPRS works fine for
> me in SHR. Did someone try it?

GPRS works for me. I just set APN, dummy username and login. This time
it connected on the first try. Sometimes i have to retry.

> 5. Bug in voice notes application - if you remove record while listening
> it, audio device will be clocked be blocked until pkill -9 that
> application. It's easy to click one more time.

Patches are welcome :)

> 6. Font... Terminal font is not just inappropriate. It is antialiased
> non-monospace truetype font, without possibility to change it. So all
> sort of problems where.

Yup i also noticed that the cursor position is not correct.

> Also, please can you answer some question:
> 1. Do QtExtened have a future?

I am working in my spare time (so it's not very much). I am planning
possibility to run X apps. If that works out we will get a lot of
applications. I will fix all regressions, but probably not enough time
to fix all bugs. I see the future quite bright. We are regulary
importing new QT releases so QtMoko will keep to be easy-to-develop
platform for QT applications.

> 2. About using truetype fonts. As we have such a... slow hardware might
> it be better to use bitmap fonts? Any time I see that antialiasing,
> imagine that hinting, kerning and so. Anyone tried to measure impact of
> font rendering system on performance?

Would be nice to see the results.



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