NABBLE [was: Re: [omgps] collect feature requests]

David Ford david at
Tue Jun 30 19:02:26 CEST 2009

Yes, and he and I discussed it on IRC a few minutes after all 4 
postings.  He clicked to submit and it didn't respond so he clicked 
again and tried yet again etc.

While it appeared that the web interface wasn't posting to him, it 
actually did post which made him post it four times.  In my original 
message I pointed out that it was nabble at fault, as indicated by the 
different message IDs but the exact same message body.

On 06/30/09 04:32, Jose Luis Perez Diez wrote:
> [...]
> Yes those messages share the same text but have different message id and
> timestamps.
> See the cause on< at>  >:)

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