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Wed Jun 3 16:24:54 CEST 2009

venture or should I move over to SHR and see what help I can be there.
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As a Om2009t5 user it's a big YES for me.
I know that numbers speak against Om2009, but I use and love this distrib.
I am using it since 1st july, and I find it :
- usable (hi Paroli !)
- stable while using (few reboots, only when battery exhausted or when I 
need to change SIM, which is rare)
- stable while upgrading : I was used to break lots of things while 
upgrading my SHR-U, it's far better with Om2009

As another OM2009t5 user I'd like to chime in too.<br>
Again, I love OM2009t5 compared to other distro's I tried before. It
was the first one for me with stable phone and GPS, no lost calls and
decent battery. Comparing to OM2007, OM2008 and Qtopia here, not used
any other.<br>
And yet, I'd prefer the scarce development effort into going to make
one distro stable and featureful. If SHR is that one presently, then
yes please, let's get SHR stable and have a big repository full of
applications available as soon as possible.<br>
Just my opinion.<br>
-- Vibhav Sharma (khoonirobo)<br>

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