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Wed Jun 3 16:24:54 CEST 2009


Phone (framework, something?) sees a call coming in
It starts to sniff the accelerometers
If the phone is already upside down (on a table), don't alert (or
maybe with vibra or something)
If the phone is not upside down, alert as predefined.
Continue sniffing: if the phone is turned upside down, go silent, stop vibra.

Here's some c00l details from DocScrutinizer:

01:20 < DocScrutinizer> gmeters can be switched on/off. No idea what's
current status.
01:21 < rhkfin> -> turn it on only when there's a incoming call?
01:22 < DocScrutinizer> you probably want to set interrupt trigger
threshold so cpu load is zero until you actually see the "gesture"
01:23 < DocScrutinizer> for sureyou don't want to soft-process the raw
gmeter data at full sample rate all the time
01:24 < rhkfin> true
01:28 < DocScrutinizer> you enable and read out ->x:0,y:-1000,z:0.
Set threshold to x:+-300,y:ditto,z:>0. Then wait with no cpu load
until device gets considerably repositioned/accelerated
01:28 < rhkfin> right
01:29 < DocScrutinizer> if you see trigger, do same again

Shouldn't be very hard but it'd be extremely cool. Integration to a
distro (SHR maybe :)  might be a bit more of a hack (adding GUI to
enable/disable this feature etc) though..


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| risto at kurppa dot fi

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