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Wed Jun 3 16:24:54 CEST 2009

guess I will just have to work on this myself.

pbondo wrote:
> 3. When receiving a SMS it is shown in full screen on top of another 
> full screen notifier window. This is quite annoying while in a phone 
> conversation. Suddenly we have 2 pop up windows on top of the active 
> call. Thus if I want to end the current call I have to be aware of and 
> remove 2 windows before I can perform the action that I want. Also as an 
> extra benefit the other part of the phone conversation will clearly hear 
> my SMS ring tone (that is a minor issue).

This has now been solved, thank you....... But I am not sure I am satisfied
(don't you just love users :-) However I cannot decide how I want this, so I
will leave this for someone else to come up with the right solution.


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