No DNS in Qtmail

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Sun Mar 1 04:08:53 CET 2009

2009/3/1 Andrea Tacchetti <takke at>:
>  I configured qtmail on my freerunner (running Om 2008.12) although
> as I tap on the "Get all mail" button it tells me it cannot find the
> server (after having said "BLABLA - DNS Lookup).
>  The strange thing is that is I go on a terminal and ping the same
> server it gets resolved (and pinged) properly.
> Is this a known issue? Does not qtmail use resolv.conf as everyone
> else?

yes, it uses the same resolv.conf as ping and everything else

are you using an encrypted e-mail service?

i used to have a similar problem; i was trying to use gmail and
couldn't connect at all, let alone get my mail. i hadn't got the
security certificates figured out, and since i did it works - now,
whether this was a coincidence or not, i don't know. i wrote up what i
did on the wiki, and now it connects ok. ymmv

unfortunately, it now times out trying to get the headers for 5000 messages.....

it's not the best e-mail client ever

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