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William Kenworthy wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-02-28 at 18:49 +0100, "Bernd (Jesus McCloud) Prünster"
> wrote:
>> William Kenworthy schrieb:
>>> I would rather the space - the other two keyboards are pretty
>>> useless ...
>>> BillK
>>> On Sat, 2009-02-28 at 12:54 +0100, Pander wrote:
>>>> John Sullivan wrote:
>>>>> Pander <pander at> writes:
>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>> Someone mentioned a finger friendly browse keoyboard, and I just could
>>>>>> not resist making one myself. the result is here:
> ...
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>> you CAN use the space and don't need the kbd switcher since you can 
>> scroll upwards to switch the kbd.
>> just edt the virtual kbd reloution (the relation between width an 
>> height) and you can add another row of keys.
>> one thing you have to keep in mind: the name of the kbd MUST NOT make it 
>> appear firts in the list of kbds (e.g. rename the Default.kbd (or any 
>> other kbd that has teh correct height/widht relation) to Alpha.kbd so 
>> that it is firts in the list). if this is the case the illume kbd will 
>> not be resized and the additional row of keys will be available without 
>> occupying more of your precieous space. (i think this works because of 
>> the same bug, that prevents the illume kbd from resizing of used in 
>> landscape mode.
>> all credits go to Michal Brzozowski (god i hope i spelled it correctly)
> No, I mean remove both the other two keyboards so only terminal is left.
> Then the word space and switcher are redundant and they both can be
> removed saving space.  My fingers are too fat to use either of those
> two, the dictionary is hopeless and they take forever to type a message
> as you are always trying to fix the mistakes they make, stroking the
> keyboard rarely works properly so you are continually trying to
> select/delete or whatever and failing. As the default always pops up
> first until you select terminal, its better to remove them altogether
> (and they always pop up first when writing an sms for example) 
> Others say it works, and I suppose it does for them, but to me its one
> of the worst parts of the freerunner interface and the first bit I
> disable by uninstalling numbers and default (or in the case of
> shr-unstable, just coping terminal over the top of each).  Terminal has
> its own problems/annoyances (the animation encourages miss-clicks and
> takes up valuable cpu cycles - tried to find out how its done so it
> could be minimised to just a quick blink to tell the key has registered
> a press, but didnt find it - one day ... :)
> These tiny key keyboards can only be used by normal people using a
> stylus - what we really need for SMS is a large keyboard taking up much
> of the screen and only a tiny window for text (160 chars) - in fact
> thats what most other keyboardless phones seem to do, for good reasons.

Have you tried the alternative keyboards (alpha and num) from

> BillK
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