Finger friendly browse keyboard

Pander pander at
Sun Mar 1 09:22:18 CET 2009

William Kenworthy wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-03-01 at 09:03 +0100, Pander wrote:
> ...
>> Have you tried the alternative keyboards (alpha and num) from
>>> BillK
> No, just did a search for "keyboard" and they didnt show up.  What was
> new was optimsms which has possibilities.
> Were they a alpha/number dutch kb? - saw those some time back and didnt
> try them because they were two separate boards (and not in english)
> which is painful to use as you are switching back and forward all the
> the time (which is a real pita with the FR as it usually takes multiple
> swipes to switch)
> As a user, I would like a single full qwerty keyboard for almost all
> uses, and a very large key qwerty/number only for SMS (landscape so
> there is room, and just enough of a text bar to display 160 characters),
> and like most commercial phones, a simple menu choice to disable T9,
> dict lookups and other funnies for those like me who hate them.
> BillK

Try these:

The Dutch is one made by me, optimised for entering terminal commands
and writing Dutch (proza).

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