Want to keep up with times.

Ilya O. vrghost at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 10:55:21 CET 2009


I haven't been reading openmoko mailing lists for a while for now
(about three-four months), and would like to update my knowledge of
current things to be.

1) How long FreeRunner currently works as everyday phone? (Please,
tell me that it can survive for a day).
2) What distribution is currently developed by Openmoko? Is it FSO?
3) Was echo during calls minimized? (at least to the level where
caller wouldn't interrupt himself with echo of his).
4) Is there project that would like me to participate in or bug that I
would be able to fix? (I have experience writing in
Python/C/C++/Erlang/...etc.. including some linux kernel programming).
Do want to do something fun!

Thank you.

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