[New software] openBmap logger (GSM positioning)

Onen onen.om at free.fr
Sun Mar 1 17:10:36 CET 2009


Stefan Schmidt wrote:
>> It is Python based, so the files in the package are the source file.
> Yep, I'm aware of that.
>> You will find in the package everything needed:
>> source code, desktop file, images, glade file, authors, licenses, etc...
> Yep, this is also known. It's not the first software I bring into OE which then
> builds such ipk's :)

Don't get me wrong. I know you have much deeper knowledge than I have in 
Python, ipk, and OE. I must admit that as I was writing the answer, I 
was thinking: that cannot be what he wants from me, I must be missing 
his point. I meant no offence.

> Let me explain my point a bit more. You are writing the software and releasing a
> new version when you think new features are implemented or bugs are fixed. In
> the FOSS world is is normally done as atarball that includes all the source
> files ready to build. Now python has nothing that needs compiling but it still
> needs to get packaged in a way that makes it easy for user to install it. You
> have done this yourself when preparing your ipk.

Ok. I thought the ipk would be sufficient. Now I understand what you 
were expecting.

> But this package may need adjustment from time to time when other parts of the
> system change so it is always good to build it together with the rest of an
> image and have it in the so called feeds where the user can easily install it
> over the package management.
> That's what I like to do for you. You have more or less the same setup as the
> cellhunter game: Python scripts, desktop file, icon, etc.

Sure I know how much better it is to have the software in the feeds. And 
I thank you for helping me with this!

> I just packaged this and Sebastian provides an tarball with all the files flat
> in the dir with package name and version and OE takes care of the rest.
>> If you need a tarball, I will try to put something together out of my freerunner
>> tomorrow.
> Hmm, you have no kind of version control? Let me say you that this is a bad
> habbit. Learned my lesson. :/

I did not have a public one. I wanted to have something sufficient, 
clean and stable enough, before going public. But I was away from my 
computer for some days, and only had access to my freerunner or the ipk 
on the website.

> Back to the point. Yes, I would need a tarball, or a public available SCM. For a
> tarball please use something like this as name:

For what I have understood, you would prefer a SCM. And now that first 
release is out, the first point on my TODO list was exactly that. You 
will find a git tree at:

I have two question about this:
* is it good enough as it is for you?
* is there anything I could do to ease your work of pushing to OE 
(structure, names, ...)?

When this will be "validated" by you, I will tag it 0.1.0.

In case of, I also updated the download area of SF, with the tar.gz file:

> $applicationname-0.3.0.tar.gz
> Which then should contain a directory with the same name but without file
> ending:
> $applicationname-0.3.0
> Inside this dir just put your files and I take care that they are installed
> properly within the ipk.
> regards
> Stefan Schmidt

Thanks again for helping!


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