Feature overview out of the box SHR unstable distribution

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Mon Mar 2 12:21:54 CET 2009

Pander wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have started a feature overview for out of the box SHR unstable
> distribution.
> This will show the current status of the functionality you get after
> installing SHR and using only the high level GUI to use and manage it.
>   http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Stable_Hybrid_Release#Feature_overview
> This overview is both reflecting the currect status, as is it focussing
> on basic functionality which should be available on Neo FreeRunner.

The page indicates that flight mode isn't available.
But one can use SHR settings and turn the GSM modem off. That is flight 
mode by another name - other equipment shouldn't see radio interference.
The phone even works after turning GSM on again, although this takes 
some time.

Helge Hafting

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