[Om2008.x] Wanted StarDict for my Openmoko

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Mon Mar 2 16:07:46 CET 2009

El día Monday, March 02, 2009 a las 08:54:53PM +0700, Alejandro Sáiz escribió:

> I'm very interested on having stardict (or its commandline version) too.
> >From this discussion line it's not clear to me if you are using debian or if
> there is a way to install a debian package in 2008.x, could anyone please
> clarify this for me? Thanks!

I'm running (as the Subject: says) Om2008.9 im my FR; and yes, you can
install in some dirty way *.dep packages in Om2008.x; I do it this way,
don't know if there is some other/better way:

- untar the *.dep file
  $ tar xzf sdcv_0.4.2-9_armel.deb

- move the resulting file 'data.tar.gz' to the FR and have a look into;

- mostly the structure is like this:

  i.e. you can just 'cd /' and unpack the content

I've now sdcv working in UTF-8 with my Spanish dictionary.


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