[Om2008.x] Wanted StarDict for my Openmoko

Alejandro Sáiz b.de.bangkok at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 18:09:04 CET 2009

> I'm running (as the Subject: says) Om2008.9 im my FR; and yes, you can
> install in some dirty way *.dep packages in Om2008.x; I do it this way,
> don't know if there is some other/better way:
> - untar the *.dep file
>  $ tar xzf sdcv_0.4.2-9_armel.deb
> - move the resulting file 'data.tar.gz' to the FR and have a look into;
> - mostly the structure is like this:
>  ./usr
>  ./usr/bin
>  ./usr/bin/sdcv
>  ...
>  i.e. you can just 'cd /' and unpack the content
> I've now sdcv working in UTF-8 with my Spanish dictionary.

So you mean the pre-compiled binary can be run in a different distro as long
as it meets the dependencies? That's good to know, thanks.

> PD:Please don't top-post

Sorry about that...
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