[Om2008.x] Wanted StarDict for my Openmoko

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Mon Mar 2 18:15:27 CET 2009

>> I've now sdcv working in UTF-8 with my Spanish dictionary.
> So you mean the pre-compiled binary can be run in a different distro as  
> long
> as it meets the dependencies? That's good to know, thanks.

the armel packages of debian are working with all other distros, too.  
since the package names to frinst opkg may differ, you could test with ldd  
which libs are necessary and check with opkg, which packages you need to  
or you just convert the debian packages with alien to simple tar.gz and  
extract them anywhere you like (/usr/local/ springs to mind).

>> PD:Please don't top-post
> Sorry about that...

and now we all cut the quotes to the parts really necessary instead of  
simply hitting reply, scrolling down and typing ...

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