Om2009 release plan

Angus Ainslie nytowl at
Mon Mar 2 19:40:21 CET 2009

On Mon, 2009-03-02 at 18:31 +0100, Florian Hackenberger wrote:
> Thanks for keeping us informed of the release schedule! One question 
> related to paroli comes to mind. I tested paroli (from SVN) with FSO 
> 5.1 and noticed that paroli is meant to be running full screen. Is that 
> a temporary requirement? Because it would basically rule out the use of 
> a window manager like illume and would result in having to implement 
> WM, launcher (.desktop), systray, ... functionality in paroli, which 
> would obviously be quite a duplication of effort. Could someone please 
> explain the paroli plans with respect to the fullscreen requirement?
> Cheers,
> 	Florian

Full screen is how paroli is intended to be used. It will not be a WM,
launcher etc. It will still co-exist quite nicely with illume and that
is how I've been running it for the last few days. Providing a stable
phone platform is what paroli is about.

Once the UI spec is published it should become a little clearer.


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