[SHR-Unstable] Dead gstreamer?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Tue Mar 3 12:19:47 CET 2009

The Digital Pioneer wrote:
> True, and that's closer to what I use on my computer. However, I believe 
> the FR is mono anyways, no? 

Headphones definitely have stereo output - try listening to a band that
play with stereo effects.

> And the quality can be dropped a ways (I 
> think so at least) considering that it's playing from a cell phone. It 
> still sounds perfectly clear, or at least as clear as can be expected 
> from those speakers. :)

Quality is a problem, sure. The FR loudspeaker is small - it has to be.
And headphones output is apparently routed through a 1 microfarad 
capacitor. Combined with 30-40 ohm headphones, results in a high-pass 
filter with the cutoff at 5kHz or so :-(

Helge Hafting

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