[2008.12] Yet more on the wrench, sorry

Nick Van Fossen stix213 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 4 01:49:41 CET 2009

So I've been frustrated over the last few months just trying to get a working terminal keyboard under 2008.12.  I see the distro as borderline useless without this, and as a side point I'm completely baffled by the choice of making the wrench so difficult to get working when it worked fine in 2008.9.  

So right now I have a working qwerty button and a wrench icon that opens but none of the sub-menus contain anything.  I believe all I need to do now is get the keyboard selector menu within the wrench to let me select the default keyboard instead of None, and then I set QT to not export its keyboard and I should be good.  

My problem though is I can't seem to figure out where the hell the menu information for the wrench tool is located.  I have been looking in the e.cfg and related files and the freerunner.edc file within the asu theme, and the files within the illume theme, but I see no mention of the keyboard menu.  Also the preconfigured binaries on the enlightenment.cfg wiki page just bring me to a blank white screen, and when I try to use eet to view the source of the e.cfg file included it just says it cannot be opened for reading, so I'm thinking the files are just corrupt.  

Can anyone give me a pointer on where the wrench menu info is even stored?


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