[debian] kernel upgrade and touchscreen input problems

Eli retracile at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 05:26:11 CET 2009


I did an "apt-get dist-upgrade" today, and got the 2.6.28 kernel installed in 
the process.  The FR still boots with the 2.6.24 kernel it had before.
So I wrote the 2.6.28 kernel to /dev/mtdblock3.  Unfortunately, I get "RCU 
detected CPU 0 stall (t=4294908494/600 jiffies)" and a traceback, and then it 
fails to setup usb0 so I can't log in that way.  But it does boot.

I also had to "apt-get install fso-config-gta02"; otherwise I don't have 
a /etc/frameworkd.conf.

Under either the 2.6.24 kernel or the 2.6.28 kernel, I still have problems:
The AUX brings up the keyboard, so that's good.
When the screen goes dim, a tap of the screen brings the backlight back up, 
but it won't register the taps on the icons or the keyboard, or the lock 
The Xorg log shows:
(EE) PreInit returned NULL for "Configured Touchscreen"

Any suggestions?

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