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David Garabana Barro david at garabana.com
Wed Mar 4 19:05:31 CET 2009

O Mércores, 4 de Marzo de 2009, Stefan Monnier escribiu:

> Actually, if you only use ID3 info, it's very difficult to do a good job
> of sorting files: it's basically impossible to reliably figure out which
> songs are part of the same album and which aren't.  You can use

I've solved all those problems the first times I opened amarok, and now it's a 
pleasure searching for some song, artist, disk, track...

> heuristics which will work OK in many cases, but sooner or later you'll
> bump into some songs whose "album" tag says (say) "Anthology" and which
> are really divided into 4 different albums, some of which are "well

When you find one, you can allways change track's id3 :)

> behaved" (same artist and year for all their songs), and the others are
> compilations where every song has a different year/genre/artist.

Sorting by name has also problems.
If you have songs from several disks or a double album in the same folder, you 
can finish with this playlist:

- track 1, disk 1
- track 1, disk 2
- track 1, disk n
- track 2, disk 1
- track 2, disk 2

I still think that offering several sortings is the way to go

> sorting "by file name" really turns out to be a very good solution.

Not for me ;)

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